Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bako Bits: Recognizing more top scholars and the Petroleum Club is tapped to cater a Sarah Palin event

 ... COLLEGE BOUND: Yet another local youngster headed for college.
This comes from Kim Albers, Garden Pathways director, who said daughter Kristin has committed to Georgetown University. The senior at Bakersfield Christian High School was admitted to the School of Foreign Service for the fall.  Kirsten, a Ford Dream Builder, has served in both Kenya and China.  She hopes to pursue an international career striving to make the world a better place, her mom said. 

 ... PETRO CLUB: The staff of the Petroleum Club was selected to help cater an event at West Hills College featuring former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. According to club operations manager Lili Marsh, ´ápparently the reputation of the Petroleum Club precedes them.´ 'She said 19 staff memebers took the 100 mile trek to Lemoore on Sunday to serve the event.

 ... AWARD: Nice to hear that Kevin Crosby, a special education teacher at Independence High, has received a prestigious award from the Environmental Protection Agency. Kevin is a Falcon Autistic Solar Team advisor and won the Presidential Environmental Youth Award. An EPA official will be in Bakersfield May 19 to present the award and Kevin will fly to Washington, D.C. in June to accept it at a ceremony. He is a CSUB graduate with a masters from Chapman University.

 ... LOVE STORY: Reader Carl Kroll sent me a nice note to recall how he met the love of his life while stationed at Minter Field. ''I  was a captain in the Air Force flying missions in England and was stationed at Minter. I was from New York but I met and married the love of my life here, Venita Cassidy Kroll, and remained here to work and raise our family. I am now 89 years old and have fond memories of Bakersfield then.''

 .... MEMORIES: And some of those memories from Kroll are the watering holes in Bakersfield during World War II: Good Friends, El Adobe, Uptown Club, French Village and the Bakersfeld In. All had bands playing Sentimental Journey, Iĺl Be Seeing you in all  the Familiar Places and those great old tune, he said.