Sunday, February 14, 2016

Are Californians suffering from 'drought fatigue?" And treating your out of town daughter to her favorite local eateries

 * ... DROUGHT FATIGUE: We should have seen this coming: A new survey of Southern
California residents shows that most are "tapped out" when it comes to doing more to cut back on the use of water during the drought. According to The Los Angeles Times, nine out of ten respondents agreed that "I've already cut back on water use at my home as much as I can" and "there's not much more I can do to save water." Experts told the Times that this "drought fatigue" simply means that we are all running out of ideas of how to save more water.

* ... HOME: Happiness is having your daughter in town and hearing her enthusiastic request to visit her favorite local restaurants: "Uricchio's please! Everything is so delicious there!" and "OMG I have been dying for the cinnamon roll and biscuits and gravy and 24th Street Cafe!"

 * ... URICCHIO'S: And speaking of Uricchio's Trattoria, owner Claire Uricchio and husband Mark spent the Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas and while there took in an AC/DC concert. While waiting in a long line to buy a commemorative T-shirt, a complete stranger recognized Claire and remarked: "You never have to wait this long at Uricchio's!"

 * ... SPOTTED ON TWITTER: "I think great abs are for guys that don’t have the confidence to wear a nice T-shirt to the pool."

 * ... GOOD FORM: Ken Shelton shared this kindness from a complete stranger. "Last week we had an interesting experience at the Noriega's restaurant. One of our clan was visiting  from his current residence in Chicago. As he is a devoted Noriega fan, we put together a small family group to go there for dinner. Seated next to our group was a lone gentleman from out of town, who soon joined in with us, for the usual conversation. Come time to pay, I was standing by the cashier, credit card in hand, but was  ordered aside by our new found friend, who casually picked up the check for our entire group of seven - yes seven. Frequently you report an instance when a check is paid for a couple, but  for seven. Our Chicago visitor was amazed and so were we."  

  * ... BIKE BAKERSFIELD: Congratulations to Adam Kahler, who has been appointed the new director of the advocacy group Bike Bakersfield. The Pennsylvania native came to Kern County to work in the oil industry, and in the downturn has found a new calling. He is a graduate of Bucknell University, where he was president of the campus cycling team, and has participated in organized bicycle races. Said Kahler: "I am quite thankful for the opportunity to change gears and work for Bike Bakersfield in the nonprofit industry. It is important to take on new challenges in life and at age 31 I feel this is the perfect time to learn a new skill set while advocating for what I love, bicycles."