Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Former homebebuilder Kyle Carter buys the American Sound Recording Studio to create a Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame, and Rick Kreiser brings more talent to town

 * … HALL OF FAME: Former homebuilder Kyle Carter has purchased the American Sound Recording Studio and is looking at creating a Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame to recognize our area's
rich musical past. Carter, who incidentally is eyeing a run for mayor, puchased the state of the art recording studio recently and promptly initiated a complete renovation that will make it our area's premier venue for showcasing local and out of town artists. His idea: create a facility that will showcase our history while providing venues for shows and local rentals. Carter's vision is shared by his wife Kim McAbee, a singer with Buck Owens who has her own musicial career.

 * … DESERT ROSE BAND: My personal taste in music runs a tad eclectic, and I am not one to pine away for the music of my youth. That said, there is one musician (Chris Hillman) who I will simply not miss when he comes to town. As an original member of the Byrds, the Flying Burrito Brothers, Souther-Hillman-Furay and now the Desert Rose Band, Hillman was a pioneer in the evolution of country rock, one of the first big-time rock musicians to embrace country and bring the pedal steel guitar, mandolin, banjo and fiddle to mainstream rock. A gifted song writer and vocalist whose melodies will tear at your heart strings, Hillman will bring his band to the newly renovated Bakersfield College indoor theater thanks to Rick Kreiser and his Guitar Masters series. This can't miss acoustic event is this Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $33 or $18 for students.

 * … BAKO: Local architect Steve Kieke was in Charlotte, N.C., recenbtly when he spotted a local eatery called Bakersfield East Tacos. "It turns out that it is the newest location of the Bakersfield OTR restaurant in Cincinnati that TBC has reported on previously (can’t recall if it was you or Robert Price. Mayor Hall presented the owners a key to the City in Cincinnati in 2012). They now have five locations; Cincinnati, Columbus, Nashville, Indianapolis and Charlotte. According to the owners, ‘the concept was taken from Bakersfield, Ca., where outlaw country music and Mexican restaurants find a comfortable cohabitation. Bakersfield is a spot where the food is simple, the service is warm and the atmosphere is alive.’ Sounds like us alright. It was even featured in Diners, Drive-ins and Dives last summer; it might have inspired Fieri to come here!.. It’s great to see Bakersfield mentioned in a positive light as opposed to all of those nasty ‘quality of life’ lists we always end up on the wrong end of."

* … SPOTTED: On a friend's social media post: "Just saw a girl driving a pink Smart Car with a Disney Princess license plate. A moment of silence for whatever poor guy ends up dating her."

* … FOODIE: One of my favorite Bakersfield steak houses is KC Steakhouse, an understated eatery with a lot of history and color. This week it is offering some killer deals with coupons in The Californian, including a "buy one and get one free" offer for both lunch and dinner. Check it out.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Texas veterinarian is fired after claiming to have killed a feral cat with a bow and arrow, another successful Mac 'n Cheese Festival and the moth invasion continues

 * … VETERINARIAN: This is one of those stories that makes you cringe, and wonder what makes some people tick. A veterinarian in Brenham, Texas, has been fired after she posted a picture online of herself holding up a dead, orange tabby cat that she claims to have killed with a bow and arrow. It is a
horrific picture and you have to question the sanity of anyone who does this kind of thing. The caption read:  "My first bow kill lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through its head! Vet of the year award… gladly accepted." The local sheriff's department is investigating, but the business booted her out and took her name off its sign.

* … MAC FEST: Shame on you if you missed the second annual Macaroni and Cheese Festival out at Cal State Bakersfield Saturday. More than 2,500 folks showed up to sample mac 'n cheese creations from more than 30 food vendors, ot to mention unlimited amounts of wine and beer and music by Monty Byrom. The winners: Murray Family Farms came away as the crowd choice, followed by last year's champion Cafe Med with Catering Affairs in third place.

 * … MOTHS: The one upside of this invasion of moths is the fun it brings to our cats and dogs. Consider this note from Loretta Pedroza: "I too have never seen so many moths and I have lived here my entire life. There are little ones and some really big ones. At least they are not as bad as the year we had crickets. I can remember sitting in my car at 24th and Oak and hearing them even with my windows up. As far as the moths go my three cats and dog are having lots of fun chasing and trying to catch them. I can't believe how high my cat Abby can jump. Really funny to watch, but I still hope they go away soon. Love your column! Keep up the good work! "

 * … MORE MOTHS: And finally there was this bit of irony from reader Denney Evans: "Our pest control service always leaves the invoice on our doorknob when they finish. This past week my wife snatched it off the door knob and found a bug crawling around on it!  What are we paying for?"
 * … KINDNESS: Here is an example of kindness that I promise will impress you. Arelene Bonner is a senior who lives alone in an apartment complex. On a recent Sunday afternoon, she was attending a show when - unknown to her - two teenagers tried to kick her door in. "The couple upstairs heard the noise and scared them away," she said. "The door was loose so they called the manager and the police and the maitanance man. He came and fixed the door and I got home at 5 p.m. only knew about it because the manager left me a note. On Tuesday the maitanance man put a security door on that was paid for by the couple up stairs, who I hardly knew. I am a senior, living alone and thought this kindness should be shared."

* … CSUB WRESTLING: The folks who raise money to keep the CSUB wrestling program going - the Coyote Club - have two upcoming events worthy of our support. On Tuesday, May 5, "An Evening with Stephen Neal" is coming up at Stockdale Country Club. For information on sponsorships, tickets or live or silent auction items call Janis Varner at (661) 979-7136. Later on May 23, a Saturday, the 21st Annual Coyote Club/Stephen Neal golf tournament will be held at Rio Bravo Country Club.