Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ralph Bailey: breath of fresh air

Bakersfield isn't known for the quality of its local talk radio. The hosts (that's a charitable title in some circumstances) can be blissfully ignorant, dealing in half truths, rumors or internet conspiracies, or at worst just downright mean spirited. But one exception is Ralph Bailey on 1560 KNZR. Ralph has attracted strong ratings and a growing following through a fairly simple formula: be informed, be interesting, don't take yourself too seriously and most of all, exhibit a sense of humor and fair play. He's by far the most intelligent and well-read of the local talk show hosts and enjoys a solid lineup of guests: Rep. Kevin McCarthy, former Sheriff Carl Sparks (always good for a laugh) and Lois Henry, the opinionated Californian columnist who can go toe-to-toe with Ralph's wit. (Ralph and Lois go way back incidentally) He's worth tuning into every afternoon for a listen.

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