Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Equestrian group pitches in to clean up the trails

This is one of those "it takes a village" posts that pays tribute to local organizations who actually do more than talk about the need to volunteer. I saw this post on "Ride the River Kern," a local website devoted to folks who are (see the entire post here) interested in equine events in Bakersfield, particularly riding along the Kern River. The group is planning a couple of cleanup days to spruce the area up, and given our city's reputation for making a mess (check out our parks after a holiday weekend; does everyone simply just toss their chicken bones and used napkins on the grass?) it's nice to see folks getting together to do something about it. From the blog:

"April 25th 8am-12noon ... May 9th 8am-12noon

The April cleanup will be concentrated around the staging/parking area on the north side of the river. We will be pulling weeds in the parking lot and clearing trash and dead shrubs and trees. We will also be repairing the fencing where it is sagging. If that is finished early, we may weed and spread mulch around the young trees on the Preserve.

The May cleanup is sponsored by East Rotary Club. Again, on the north side of the river we will be collecting tumbleweeds and disposing of an old wood pile and as time allows may weed and spread mulch around the young trees.
We will provide water/drinks and a snack. Please bring gloves, rakes, shovels or anything you think might be helpful.

"If you have any questions, please call me at 872-3569 or e-mail me at

Photo courtesy of their website.

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