Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kevin McCarthy profiled in "The Hill" newspaper

 Bakersfield's Rep. Kevin McCarthy is the subject of a profile today in The Hill, a Capitol Hill newspaper. Check out the entire story here but following are a few excerpts:

 "Unlike House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.), McCarthy is not a partisan bomb-thrower. And while liberal blogs relish going after Cantor, McCarthy hasn’t grabbed much of their attention. At least not yet.

Gesturing with his hands, McCarthy talks fast, so fast that his mouth sometimes has trouble keeping up.
 "... Without doubt, McCarthy sees the glass half-full. As the Republican Party battles with itself over whether it should turn toward the middle or sharply right, McCarthy says these skirmishes should play out in the primaries.

 “I’m not opposed to primaries. I think primaries are healthy,” he said.

 "... Asked how Republicans can win the House when poll numbers suggest otherwise, McCarthy smiles and responds, “Our numbers aren’t the highest.”
 "... McCarthy has a warning for Democrats who have been in Washington for a decade or longer: “If you are an incumbent and been here five terms, you should be concerned.” Most of these incumbents will survive, but McCarthy is attempting to expand the playing field — a must for the GOP if it hopes of winning the House anytime soon.

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