Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Diseased sycamore tree taken down in Westchester

 I shot these photos of this huge and once beautiful sycamore tree that a crew had just taken down on 22nd Street near Cedar Street. Note the size in comparison to the house. The work was done Tuesday March 23.


Graysen Oldham said...

Any word as to why it was taken down?

Richard Beene said...

Workers said it was diseased ... i'm not an arborist ... believe it was a side or back yard tree

ALittleGuitar said...

in texas they shoot diseased trees.

David Price III said...

Man, this thing was huge. Good thiong it didn't fall down and hurt people or property. I'm amazed at how many trees are lost here in E. Tenn.

Gail Zawacki said...

Trees are dying all over from exposure to ozone. Ozone damages the stomata of foliage, interfering with the ability to photosynthesize and produce chlorophyll. This weakens the tree leaving it vulnerable to insects, diseases, and fungus.

If we don't want our children to inherit a world without fruit, nuts, maple syrup, lumber, and shade, we need to stop burning coal and gas and switch to clean, renewable energy ASAP.

Losing trees is tragic. All you have to do is really look at them to see how they are all suffering.

photos and links to scientific research at www.witsendnj.blogspot.com

please feel free to contact me, I am trying to educate people about this existential threat.