Friday, September 5, 2014

House Majority Whip: Obama must act to destroy the Islamic State; the American people are looking for leadership

 Rep. Kevin McCarthy, House Majority Whip, gives us his weekly view from Capitol Hill. In his words:

 "Congress will tackle several important issues facing our country as members return to Washington.  The overwhelming concern across the country is the threat posed by terrorist organizations in the Middle East, specifically ISIS. Within the past several weeks, this group has terrorized tens of As the House takes action on this issue, the President must present his strategy to destroy ISIS to Congress. The American people and our allies are looking for leadership and we cannot afford to wait any longer.
thousands through intimidation, displacement, and murder. They have metastasized into the largest terrorist threat since before 9/11, and of course, the murder of two American journalists represents the latest attack on the United States and our way of life. In Washington, the House will hold several hearings on the extent of the threat ISIS poses to our country and our allies, and the actions our nation must undertake.

 "As Americans look with concern to the events overseas, there is still anxiety here at home on the state of the economy and opportunity for future generations. This week, the Department of Labor released the employment report for the month of August and the results were nothing to celebrate. Last month had the smallest job gains for the year and the number of Americans actively in the labor force is a rate not seen since in the 1970’s. That is why the House will continue to act on legislation that helps our communities get back to work. We will look to the energy revolution that is economically transforming communities across the country as a catalyst for future growth. Right here in our community we know the value that energy can bring in terms of jobs, good pay, and tax revenue to support local services and schools. The House is committed to ensuring energy continues to be a driving force in our economy and we will fight the Obama administration’s plans to make it harder to produce oil and gas and to deliver the affordable energy that comes with it.

  "The House will also vote on a package of bills that provides certainty to important tax credits, reduces the regulatory role of the Federal government, and empowers small businesses to continue to take risks and pursue the American Dream.

 "This month, Congress will act to strengthen America’s economy by removing regulatory burdens and lowering energy costs.

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