Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Are the tax increases designated for public schools going to teacher pensions instead? And lots of news on the local restaurant front as two new eateries get ready to open

 * … PENSIONS: I probably shouldn't be surprised by this, but half of that $6 billion tax increase sold to us by Gov. Jerry Brown to support public schools is instead being diverted to bolster the teacher pension system. That's according to a column inThe Wall Street Journal which quoted a taxpayer advocate as saying that no matter what local politicians tell voters, "when you see tax increases, think pensions." The piece concluded: "Remember that 'temporary' tax hike for California schools? Most is now going to public worker retirements."

* … FOODIE: Lots of things going on on the food front. PizzaRev, a Southern California-based chain of more than 21 make-your-own pizza parlors, opens this week next to Buffalo Wild Wings on Gosford Road. For a flat fee of $8.25, you can enjoy an 11-inch pizza with all the toppings you want. The chain also offers salads, desserts and eventually beer and wine.  A second PizzaRev will open soon at the Park at River Walk. Meanwhile Sprouts Farmers Market, which bills itself a mini Whole Foods, will also open at the Park at River Walk on February 25.

* … TABBY: With a move recently I was forced to change veterinarians, and thanks to some recommendations from friends, I ended up seeing Dr. Eric Boiller at Stierns Veterinary Hospital. When your pet is like family (and aren't they all?) you set some high expectations for their care. Minus a few teeth, my 9-year-old grey tabby came through with flying colors thanks to Boiller and his attentive staff.

 * … SPOTTED: On social media was this chuckle: "The phrase 'don’t take this the wrong way' has a zero percent success rate."

* … RICKOVER: Proud U.S. Navy and submarine veteran Gene Bonas passed this along: "Thought your readers would like to know that a nuclear attack submarine will be named after the father of the nuclear Navy, Admiral Hyman Rickover.  The Virginia class attack submarine will bear the name USS Hyman G. Rickover SSN 795. Previous to SSN 795, the service named a Los Angeles class attack boat, SSN 709, after Rickover  Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus stated Virginia class subs will  provide the Navy with the capabilities required to maintain the nation's undersea supremacy well into the 21st century because of their enhanced stealth, sophisticated surveillance capabilities and special warfare enhancements that enable them to meet the Navy's multi-mission requirements."

* … BAKERSFIELDISM: You know you're from Bakersfield "if you have ever offered someone a Dewar's chew from a bowl on your coffee table."

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