Sunday, May 15, 2016

A new take on transgender access to bathrooms, a Christian men's group holds a fund raiser and a shout out to mocha ice cream at Jin Sushi restaurant

 * ...  TRANSGENDER: There are fewer hotter topics of discussion than the issue of transgender access to public restrooms. So it didn't take long for some folks to figure out a way to game the
system. As reported in the Style section of the Sunday New York Times, a woman was waiting to use the women's restroom in Brooklyn when a man walked out of it. "Excuse me sir?" she said, a bit annoyed. His retort: "I am transitioning."

* ... INFLUENCERS: Hats off to a Christian men's group which put on a huge sporting clays fund raiser out at the Kern County Gun Club this weekend. The organization, called Influencers (Influencing Men to Christ) drew some 220 shooters to raise money for the group's ministry. The organization uses the money to fund scholarships, workshops and other projects.

 * ... SPOTTED ON TWITTER: "I feel like there’s something missing in my life and I don’t know if it’s a person, a puppy, or just a burrito."

 * ... FOODIE: My food pick of the week goes to Jin Sushi restaurant and its fabulous mochi ice cream (pounded sticky rice cake - mochi - formed around an ice cream filling.) This is a perfect summer dessert, light and tasty, served at the restaurant's 19th Street location.

 * ... GOOD FORM: Carolyn Mack provided this shoutout to the BHS Driller nation: "A BHS Drillers football player greeted me with a cold bottle of water as I crossed the finish line (dead last) at the 6th annual 'Carter's Walk for CURED' 5K run/walk yesterday. He and the other volunteer Drillers couldn't have been any more helpful or friendly as they spent their Saturday morning at this worthy fundraiser for research on eosinophilic disease (simply stated, the inability to eat). My Driller pride came rushing back, much faster than my pace in reaching the finish line. Drillers forever!"

 * ... BAD FORM: Just when you think you have seen everything, you receive a note like this: "Yesterday, my husband and I were at the Harbor Freight on Rosedale when two young men in their 20s pulled into the parking lot drinking beer. As we were entering the store, an older, disabled man we presumed to be homeless also entered. As we were returning to our car, the young men were unloading a cart of cans/bottles into the trunk of their car. My husband returned to the store to ask the older man if he had left a grocery cart outside the entrance. He went running out of the store leaving the work gloves he was in line to purchase on the counter.  He approached the men who were now in their car with the windows up and tried to shame them about robbing a disabled, homeless person.  I was able to take a picture of their car as they drove off. They were driving a small, four-door silver Chevrolet with a dent. My husband gave the man money, but it just makes you sad to think about how low some people are willing to go. "

 * ... MORE GOOD FORM: And finally this bit of good news from Donna Richaud:"The Saturday evening before Mothers Day a group of us were dining at Famous Dave's after attending Mass.  When the check came we learned that a gentleman sitting at a table near us had paid part of our dinners. There were ten of us! Thanking him for a wonderful prologue to Mother's Day."

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