Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Putting to rest a myth about Obamacare, get ready for the fourth annual Mac 'n Cheese Festival out at CSUB and remembering when Maison Jaussaud on south Union was the hottest restaurant in town

 * ... OBAMACARE: There has been a lot of disinformation about the idea that members of Congress are eligible for some sort of gold plated federal health insurance while the rest of the country must rely on the Affordable Care Care (ACA) more commonly known as Obamacare. But let's put this popular myth to rest: According to The Washington Post, the ACA requires members of Congress to subscribe to the D.C. exchanges, and because congressmen and senators make too much money, they must pay it themselves. So in this case, that means they all must subscribed to Obamacare.

* ... SPOTTED ON TWITTER: "I ran into my ex the other day. I could have sworn the light was green."

 * ... MAC 'N CHEESE: The hottest ticket in town this weekend is for the fourth annual Mac 'n Cheese Festival out at CSUB's Alumni Park. The event features a couple dozen food vendors who vie for the best version of macaroni and cheese, live music from Mento Buru and plenty of craft beer and wine. Last year the event was a near sell out, so get your tickets early at eventbrite.com. The festival is sponsored by American General Media and supports the CSUB athletic scholarship fund.

 * ... BLOWBACK: Kathy Harlan took me to task for writing about the exodus of people from California due to high taxes and regulation. In her words: "Richard, will we ever hear the end of Republican complaining? You have taken it to a fine art form. Focus on the fact that you have the presidency and congress and what a fine mess Republicans are making of that. California is doing just fine. If you don't like the gas tax and the clean air we enjoy, by all means, move to Arizona. The entire state has crummy air quality and a poor level of government services. You would be very happy there, I am sure."

 * ... MORE BLOWBACK: And Jon Johnson added this: "Richard, I love it when these people like Diane Alburger take their pensions, that are largely paid for by the taxpayers of California (Pers Sters, Kern County Retirement etc) and move out of state. Thus escaping any tax (I understand they still have a liability for state income tax) paid in California. Also not contributing to any of the other social or economic benefit their retirement income might bring back to the communities that gave them these 'fine' benefits. Maybe we are better off with out them?"

 * ... THE BLUFFS: On another note, Maureen Myers said the old bar called The Bluffs was not located on Panorama and River Boulevard but rather it "was a divey little place set deeper back in the neighborhood towards Jefferson Park."

 * ... MEMORIES: From the archives of The Bakersfield Californian, as cited on Facebooks' Kern County of Old, was this entry about the iconic Maison Jaussaud’s on south Union, known as  Bakersfield's "classiest restaurant and nightclub of the 1950s... Upon its stage Johnny Carson once endured his most ignominious flop as a stand-up comedian.” For years "wealthy farmers once brought their fur-stole-draped wives for Manhattans and Porterhouse steaks” in the popular restaurant. "Singer Dorothy Dandridge performed here too, along with a succession of over-the-hill veterans whose names still packed punches at the time, like the then-ancient Marx Brothers and the equally aged Three Stooges. Actress Jane Russell appeared on the Maison Jaussaud stage and so did Carol Channing and the Ink Spots.”

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