Friday, March 22, 2019

Rep. Kevin McCarthy moves to preserve the personal stories of our veterans through the Veterans History Project

 House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy gives us his weekly update from Capitol Hill. In his words:

"Throughout American history, courageous men and women have answered the call to serve. Our

veterans have sacrificed to protect our freedoms and principles. Risking one’s well-being for the good of the country is the ultimate act of patriotism, and I believe that America should hear their stories.

"That is why I am conducting interviews to be submitted to the Library of Congress through the Veterans History Project (VHP). In order to make sure our veterans' stories are preserved for future generations, my office will interview, videotape, and collect any memorabilia from our community’s veterans who would like to make a submission to the VHP. The VHP collects veterans’ personal accounts and makes the accounts accessible to the public so that others may hear the heroic stories firsthand.

 "If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact my Bakersfield office at (661) 327-3611 to schedule an appointment. To find additional information on the VHP, please visit the Library of Congress’s website at

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