Sunday, May 26, 2019

Is another In-n-Out burger outlet coming to town, Zach Esparza graduates from the Peanut Mobile, Teresa Adamo to tout her new book on KERN and a look at those sound walls on 24th Street

Monday, May 27, 2019

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 * ... MR. PEANUT: Do you remember Zach Esparza? He was the Stockdale High and later Arizona State University graduate who landed a most enviable job representing Planters Peanuts by driving
the peanut-mobile across the country? He visited me at the KERN Radio studios and the other night, I ran into his mother Sylvia Esparza who said Zach is now working for a company in Manhattan and living in Brooklyn. Well done my friend.

 * .... BURGER WARS: I heard a rumor, that I have yet to corroborate, regarding a new In-n-Out franchise coming to town. Word has it that the wildly popular burger chain will build its third local outlet at the corner of Olive Drive and Knudsen, a high traffic area already with the Starbucks and Hodel's nearby. Stay tuned.

 * ... INDY, OH INDY: One thing about living here in Bakersfield, we love to see local people excel. Which is why I was so thrilled to see Teresa Adamo's new children's book, "Indy, Oh Indy," leap off the shelves after its debut a few months ago. If you want to hear Teresa's story, tune into The Richard Beene Show on KERN NewsTalk 96.1 FM on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. She will be appearing with her illustrator, Jennifer Williams-Cordova, to talk about the process.

  * ... TELEPHONE SCAM: I have received three calls on my cell phone by someone claiming to be from the Social Security Administration, saying if I did not call back "legal action" would commence immediately. This is a scam, and like me, you should simply hang up. This is what our government has to say about the scam: "The Inspector General of Social Security, Gail S. Ennis, is warning citizens about a caller-ID “spoofing” scheme misusing the Social Security Administration (SSA) Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) Fraud Hotline phone number. The OIG has received recent reports of phone calls displaying the Fraud Hotline number on a caller-ID screen. This is a scam; OIG employees do not place outgoing calls from the Fraud Hotline 800 number. Citizens should not engage with these calls or provide personal information. Callers may use a variety of false scenarios or threats to request personal information or payments, often by means of gift cards or prepaid debit cards. The caller may claim to be from a 'legal department,' and they may state that one’s Social Security number (SSN) has been involved in fraudulent activity. They may also accuse citizens of committing crimes, and may threaten arrest by Federal marshals.

 * ... SOUND WALLS: Ever wonder what those huge sound walls look like on the other side of 24th Street? Here is the view from Elm and Beech streets on the south side of 24th Street.

 * ... MEMORIES: Enjoy this shot of Chester Avenue, compliments of the Kern County of Old Facebook page.

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