Thursday, January 29, 2009

Elaine's Cafe: where gluten-free entrepreneurs are making their stand in a meat loving city

I'm always looking for signs of hope in this dismal economy and I found it at lunch recently in - who would have guessed it? - downtown Bakersfield. I happened in on Elaine's Cafe & Market on 20th Street, a new place dedicated to vegetarian and vegan food products and substitutes. The food was delicious (encouraging when your daughter is a vegetarian and your wife eats like a rabbit) but I was most impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit of the owners, Tim and Tracy Thompson. Tim is a former manager of a major construction/contracting firm and Tracy is the cook, and together they have doubled down on the idea that meat loving Bakersfield is ready for a gluten-free diet. They have even patented a dairy, soy and gluten-free ice cream that is outstanding. Business is so good they are expanding to open a bakery next door. Let's wish them the best.


Anonymous said...

Hard to understand why the Pete Tittl review was so mediocre....this place is great, VERY reasonably priced and healthy (maybe the reason for the lousy Tittl review; not enough grease!)
We need to support these Bako locals!

Anonymous said...

I didn't read the Tittle review but I had the meatball sandwich (fake meat) with soup and loved it. The owners are really friendly. For two of us the bill was less than $14! Hope they stick around.

Anonymous said...

The bill for two of us came to $15 and included two entrees and two pink lemonades... I had the Mexican salad which was outstanding. I spotted some kind of potato soup that also looked yummy