Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Art Sherwyn: "I'm staying at Stockdale High"

Art Sherwyn tells me he's changed his mind and will be staying at Stockdale High School for another two years. A few days go I bumped into Art at the Bakersfield Museum of Art (check out the previous post here) and he told me he was taking early retirement from the Kern High School District. With any decision involving Art there's always a winner, and this time it's his art students at Stockdale High. Retirement can wait. His email to me:

"I feel kind of bad about this, but when I spoke to you about my retiring, I had not made the final decision as of that time. Even though retirement looked enticing, in my heart and my head I did not feel I was ready to leave yet; the art room is a magical place to exist. I decided today that I will stay at Stockdale High for two more years; I hope this does not screw up your blog. I’m very relieved with my decision."

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