Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bakersfield makes top ten in number of solar roofs in California; San Diego tops list

Nice to see that the solar movement is finally taking hold in Bakersfield, at least according to a report compiled by Environment California, an LA-based nonprofit advocacy group. According to a story in the Fresno Bee, the group ranked the top ten cities for both the number of solar roofs installed, as well as for total "solar capacity." Bakersfield ranked sixth in terms of total number of solar roofs and seventh in terms of total solar capacity. The top ten list for the sheer number of solar roofs:

1) San Diego
2) San Francisco
3) Los Angeles
4) San Jose
5) Fresno
6) Bakersfield
7) Clovis
8) Santa Rosa
9) Sacramento
10) Berkeley

Not sure about you, but this list doesn't surprise me. I've had two neighbors install solar panels in the past year and lots of folks are studying the economics and pay back. The city of Fresno seems to have be much more aggressive in its solar programs. Said the Bee:

"Fresno's No. 5 ranking for the number of solar installations includes everything from rooftop systems on houses to large commercial and government projects. When the Fresno and Clovis numbers are combined, the area has 1,764 installations, more than San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Jose.
"Joseph Oldham, the city of Fresno's sustainability manager, said leadership by the current and previous mayor and the City Council has helped spur acceptance of solar power here.
"The city allowed 9.5 acres of solar panels to be built at Fresno Yosemite International Airport by a private company and buys the power it produces. The city also has a 668-kilowatt system on a rooftop at the Municipal Service Center, where city buses and other vehicles are serviced."

To read the complete Bee story, click on the link here.


Anonymous said...

Berkeley #10? When are those idiots going to wake up and do their share to help save the planet like the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

I like your article on the solar movement. The solar industry is set for incredible growth over the next 5-7 years. The only thing holding the growth explosion back at the present time is the pinch on financing.
I installed the system you see in the photo of San Joaquin Bank. If anyone out there is interested in a good quality system for their business or house, keep the business local. Bakersfield has good local solar companies that do high quality work AND take care of their customers for years to come. Don't be another victim of one of the big outside companies, they DO NOT have your best interest at heart. Most of these outside companies are playing the here today gone tomorrow game.

Glenn Bland
661 836-3880 office
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Anonymous said...

How about the story that white roofs can reduce your cooling load by a huge amount! Too bad I replaced shingles with a dark tile roof on the house 10 years ago. Too expensive to replace it again.