Monday, August 3, 2009

Local agriculture and business leaders to host federal regulators: teach these folks about Kern ag!

If you work in a regulated industry, how many times to get to sit down with the regulators to teach them about your business? That's exactly what is happening this week when a bunch of federal regulators (think EPA, USDA, OMB) show up to get a first hand view of California farming and agriculture. According to Beth Brookhart Pandol, some local alumni from the California Agriculture Leadership program will be hosting these regulators, including Mike Young, Kevin Andrew, Mike Turnipseed, Greg Wegis, Jaime Nickel, John Lake, Steve Murray, Edwin Camp, Rob Geis, Gary and Cynthia Icardo, Adam Icardo Marcia Wolf, Mona and Pete Pankey and of course Beth. In her words:

"The goal is to acquaint these people with California farming since they are deeply involved in regulations, decisions, opinions and legislation that affect California farming. The thinking is that if they get a first hand view of the way California farming operates, they will be better enabled to make decisions that sometimes have horrendous effects on farming," she said.

Beth said the schedule starts with dinner at Woolgrowers tomorrow and then the regulators split up with their host family. There will be tours of Grimmway Farms, the Kern County Water Agency and the Nickel Ranch. Let's hope they leave with a better appreciation of what it takes to run a business in the breadbasket of America. My bet is they will.

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Anonymous said...

Always nice to have visitors down on the farm, but I thought our local Congressional representative was supposed to be fighting for ag issues in DC. Also, these agencies may be viewed by the ag industry as "regulators" (bad word). But they also may be viewed by the general public as "regulators" (good word): EPA, protecting water and air; and USDA, overseeing what is in what we eat. But how did OMB got into the mix here as a "regulator?" OMB prepares the budget for the President.