Thursday, February 11, 2010

New CEO named for Kern Community Foundation

 The search for a new president and CEO of the Kern Community Foundation has ended with the selection of Jeffrey R. Pickering, a Florida native with long foundation experience. The KCF role was one of the most sought after in town, attracting a wide and deep range of candidates both locally and out of state. Judi McCarthy, acting CEO since Fred Drew left last October after less than a year on the job, led the search with the help of a professional head hunting firm. Pickering is a graduate of University of South Florida and holds a masters degree from the University of San Diego. From 2004-2008, he served as vice president for philanthropic services at the Community Foundation of Central Florida in Orlando. Pickering was raised in Winter Park, Fla. and has two children.Welcome him to the community.


Anonymous said...

My goodness, Richard, aren't we being a bit provincial. If one isn't a long-term resident (read "insider") of Kern County, the powers to be consider you an outsider? I would hope we are a bit more advanced in our thinking and will welcome an individual as well qualified as Jeffery Pickering, who
obtained his Masters Degree in San Diego and has broad experience in the charitable area. He has been vetted by all of the KCF "insiders" who know well this community and the needs of the Foundation. Your neighbor, Judi McCarthy, strikes me as an individual who is extremely dedicated to KCF and those who have chosen to place their family fortunes in its care. Let's all welcome Mr. Pickering to our community and give him the support he rightly deserves.

Richard Beene said...

My goodness, you need to reread my post. I did welcome Mr. Pickering and cited Judi's thorough process and I never questioned Judi's dedication or Pickering's credentials. But I did say some folks were surprised, which they were.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous. The post originally stated that many were "surprised" by the selection of an "outsider." The post has been rightfully tamed a bit. Congratulations Jeff on this position -- you will be a great asset to the community.