Friday, April 2, 2010

McCarthy to appear on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

 Rep. Kevin McCarthy's weekly update:

 "I wish those of you celebrating Easter and Passover a joyful and wonderful holiday.

  "If you regularly follow my column, you might remember me announcing last month that one of our own local veterans, Evan Morgan, would be joining my Bakersfield office as a fellow in the new “Wounded Warrior Fellowship Program”.  This week, Evan officially started his fellowship and was in Washington this week to meet my D.C. staff and to attend training for his new job.  In Bakersfield Evan will be helping with veteran outreach, and issues related to active military personnel and military organizations while he finishes his degree at Cal State Bakersfield.  I am grateful that a true hero like Evan is onboard and will be working with our local communities.

  "On Tuesday, I was at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley to appear on a special episode of the Sean Hannity show.  During the show, we briefly discussed Washington’s failure to listen to the American people and address their priorities– jobs and the economy, and getting our nation’s debt and unsustainable spending back in order.    I am also working on a new initiative. The Commitment to America is our effort to give the American people a voice in their government again.  Our goal, by using the internet and all tools available to us, is to start a conversation and together, put forward the solutions that will put our nation back on the right track and restore the broken bonds of trust between Americans and Congress.  With your ideas, we will form a governing agenda based on principles of smaller, more accountable government to solve problems and restore the broken trust between Americans and their elected leaders.

  "Also this week, I was able to deliver the Republican weekly address and talk about what is coming next after the government takeover of health care.  Right now, the President and Congressional Democrats are proposing a new job-killing bill that fails to address the root causes of the economic crisis and housing meltdown and would guarantee permanent bailouts for Wall Street.  This bill would further put taxpayers on the hook for more bailouts in the midst of a struggling economy that just got hit with billions of dollars in future new health care charges and is still struggling with 9.7% national unemployment. My colleagues and I have offered a plan that will bring accountability to the financial system to protect taxpayers from permanent bailouts, and end TARP.  This alternative plan is what America needs to get our fiscal house in order and our economy back on track.

  "Also this Sunday, if you have time, I will be on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, you can catch it on Fox-58 at 8am.  Lastly, I am proud to report that the McCarthy dodgeball team led by my son Connor and nephew Zac were victorious in bringing home the "Golden Dodgeball" from the Kern County Boys and Girls Club's dodgeball tournament last

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