Friday, July 16, 2010

MCarthy: creating jobs is our No. 1 priority, but so is getting into shape with P90X

 Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) gives us his report from Capitol Hill. In his words:

 "This week, the Western Caucus, of which I am a member, held a hearing on what can be done to produce more jobs in our home states.  At a time of 12.4% unemployment in California and an even higher 15.7% in Kern County, I told the gathering of Representatives and Senators that our focus needs to be on how to help create permanent private sector jobs.  We need to provide our economy with more confidence by providing certainty that tax rates will not increase, certainty that regulations will not strangle innovation, and certainty that the national debt will be addressed.  During the hearing I also highlighted issues of particular concern to the 22nd District, which I’d like to take a moment to tell you about.

 "First, Congress should be evaluating existing environmental and endangered species laws to ensure that they are not discouraging renewable energy projects.  Kern County is one of the top wind producing congressional districts, and has some of the greatest potential for solar power in California. The hardest part of getting renewable projects up and running is navigating the bureaucratic process, and regulations should not be used to stifle economic innovation.
 "It also concerns me that the Majority in Congress wants to expand the Federal government’s regulatory authority under the Clean Water Act. Their proposal would cover nearly every body of water, wetland, or even ditch in America.  The potential adverse impact to farmers and ranchers in our area would be devastating if they were required to obtain Federal permits for any water-related actions they take.

 "Those of us from Bakersfield are well aware of the problems our farmers, families, and communities have faced with restrictions in water deliveries, an economic reality that I have again brought to the attention of my colleagues.  We all know that “food grows where water flows” – I highlighted for those in attendance at the hearing that it’s not just food, but jobs that grow where water flows.

I " believe that protecting our natural wonders for future generations to enjoy and economic development are not mutually exclusive.  The number one concern of Americans right now is creating jobs; however, leaders in Congress seem more interested in expanding government and imposing additional burdensome regulations.   We can do better.  We must focus on creating the pro-growth atmosphere that is needed to reinvigorate the American entrepreneurial spirit.  It’s just commonsense.

 "Also I’m not sure how many of the readers of this blog have tried the P90X workout, Rep. Paul Ryan introduced me to it, and I work out with him and other members who attempt to get in shape as we travel back and forth to our districts. This week, Senator John Thune (SD) joined us, along with P90X creator Tony Horton.  It was quite a workout and a good start to my week!

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