Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The rush to e-books continues and celebrating some good Mexican grub in Bakersfield

 * ... AMAZON: It was interesting to read in The New York Times the other day that the sale of digital books had overtaken the sale of hard cover books. At least that's what is happening at Amazon, which reported the sale of electronic books on the Kindle and other e-readers had finally surpassed hard covers. Amazon chief executive Jeffrey Bezos said it was amazing "considering we have been selling hard cover books for 15 years and electronic books for 33 months." Amazing, indeed.

 * ... GOOD DEED: A nice post from readers Peter and Emily Hernandez: "Recently, there have been a lot of unfortunate events happening in our community: crime, animal cruelty, negative press about our town, etc. However, during these bad times, there are still good people in our community who do good deeds. Our family would like to acknowledge and thank Chris Kowal for finding our family dog at a local AM/PM. Hearing a stranger on the phone saying 'I found your dog Honey' brought such a good feeling to our family. There were so many things running through our mind about what could happen to our dog, especially after seeing a dog hog tied in the paper and one spray painted. However, despite what people and surveys say about our community, we do have people who care for one another and do good deeds. The phone call my wife received from Mr. Kowal was not from a stranger, it was from a good person in our community, who is one of many people who do good deeds.

 * ... RANCH MARKET: Something else that is special about our community is the abundance of quality and authentic Mexican restaurants. Mexicali, La Costa Mariscos, The Red Pepper, Sinaloa and Casa Munoz, are just a few. But don't forget the Ranch Markets which offer casual inside dining in addition to their other standard offerings. I stopped by the branch over at Niles Street and Mount Vernon where they were grilling chicken outside and went home with some Mexican tacos or some Oaxaca cheese.

 * ... EGGHEADS: Mensa is the national high IQ society and it's safe to say it's a club that wouldn't have me as a member. But despite that, give the local Mensa group props for coming in second in Mensa's CultureQuest , a national competition to promote and test for cultural literacy. The local team is known as the Tumblin Tumbleweeds and consists of Carl Bryan, a retired math teacher and a public address announcer for Bakersfield College, Suzanne Bryan, a physician's assistant at Bakersfield Family Medical Center Urgent Care, retiree Jim Crawford and Linda Robinette from Ridgecrest. A team from Central Indiana won the competition.

 * ... MORE COACHLIGHT: Reader Patti Bailey wrote to share her own memories of the staff of the old Coachlight Inn. "I celebrated by 21st birthday there (many years ago!) Four months before that I had a very major, serious spinal surgery and was in a body cast with much pain and discomfort. The wonderful staff there made me feel like a queen and not someone to stare at. I will never forget that special evening and those special people."

 * ... BAKERSFIELDISM: From reader Kurt Seeger: You know you're a Bakersfield old timer if you remember "two taverns, both located in the middle of a residential neighborhood, on North Baker Street called the College Inn and the Bluffs."

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