Friday, September 24, 2010

McCarthy: Pledge to America to a way to restore prosperity through discipline and common sense

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) was among the key  Republicans who helped launched the Pledge to America" this week. His report from Capitol Hill:

 "It was a busy week as I helped unveil a document that has been months in the making.  As you remember, back in May we launched the interactive website to bridge the disconnect
between Washington’s agenda and the priorities of the American people.
 "Anyone, regardless of party, was able to submit what he or she believed should be a part of this new plan.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans joined us and gave their input and shared their solutions.
We listened and we heard what America wanted, and on Thursday, we presented the final product of this initiative: ‘A Pledge to America,’ a new governing agenda that we can pursue immediately in order to turn the country around and put it back on the right track. ‪I encourage you to look at the Pledge at and print off the 45 page document and evaluate it.  It is my belief that this document is a
starting point for us to come together and leave our children a stronger, healthier, more prosperous country.

  "Right now, the future of our country hangs in the balance as a result of economically disastrous spending and regulatory policies that are keeping millions of Americans out of work today, and saddling our children with a deficit and debt that is out of control.‪

  "The Pledge is made up of five specific policy plans.  First, creating jobs. We pledge to end economic uncertainty and make America more competitive.  Second, cutting spending and reducing the size of
government. Americans know we cannot simply tax, spend and borrow our way back to prosperity.  We must cut spending to pre-stimulus and pre-bailout levels and impose a cap on discretionary spending.  Third,
we pledge to reform Congress. We must restore trust in government by allowing for open and fair debate on bills along with a citation of Constitutional authority.  Fourth, repealing and replacing the
government health care law which is failing to cut costs as promised. Today is actually day one of government health care and according to the California Insurance Department, starting Oct. 1, commercial
premiums will rise on average of 14-19% (depending on the policy). 
 "Finally, we pledge a strong national defense which contains a sound strategy to confront and defeat terrorist threats. We will pass clean troop funding bills, keep terrorists off American soil, and fully fund missile defense.‪

  "Better days lie ahead and America is still the land of great promise and possibility.  But first, we must reverse our current course of action and reject the present economic policies.  Americans want a government dedicated to working for the people, and through this Pledge to America, my colleagues and I are committed to promoting greater liberty, wider opportunity, and national economic recovery.  I hope you will read the Pledge and join us in making it a reality.

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