Thursday, January 19, 2012

Local attorney Jay Rosenlieb takes a nasty spill on the bike path and putting a spotlight on those who inspire others

 * ... BIKE PATH: Longtime local lawyer Jay Rosenlieb took a nasty tumble on his bicycle recently while riding on our bike path.  (You may remember him as the spokesman for the Reis family after the tragic murder of their two children in Coronado) Jay is going to be fine but he had this advice for those of us who like to get out for the occasional ride. "My accident started with not consciously checking to make sure that I had all my riding equipment (my helmet), continued with listening to some great (but distracting) music, and finished with high speed. My concussion, dislocated jaw, staples in my leg, one totaled bike and another bike requiring repairs were the result." Thanks to Jay for sharing this and for all you who use the bike path: stay alert, leave your music at home and if you are on the bike, wear a helmet. Get well, Jay.

 * ... SICK BAY: One of my resolutions this year is to do better tuning out the negative influences in life. You know what I mean: the shrill political and religious zealots who demonize those who disagree, the petty  neighborhood gossip who delights in the misfortune of others. Now contrast that with an email exchange I had with Wendy Wayne, the delightful and thoughtful former First Five Commission chairman who is back in Los Angeles undergoing chemotherapy while battling non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Not content to dwell on her own illness, Wendy turned the tables and wanted to know about my life, my children, my own health. She simply refuses to feel sorry for herself and instead turns her attention to the welfare of others. Wendy is one who makes this world a better place, and I am rooting for a fast recovery.

 * ... RECOVERING: David Price III, the former county department head who retired to Tennessee only to be stricken by a severe back and neck problem, is slowly recovering with help from family and friends. "I am still getting stronger and I am able to take steps (with some guidance) forward, backward and to the sides." He now has a van outfitted to get around. Keep Dave and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

* ... SPOTTED: A male resident of the Porterfield Hotel in downtown Bakersfield is spotted on the hotel's front steps, shirtless, shaving his chest, then his back and finally his head.

* ... GOOD SIGN? Certain commodities including gold are often referred to as economic indicators.  When gold prices are up it usually reflects a sluggish or slow economy. Currently, gold prices are down significantly  ($1600) from only 6 months ago (September 2011 it was $1900 per ounce) where they reached an all time high.

 * ... CLEAN UP: The prospect of rain this weekend has led to the postponement of the downtown clean-up day. It is now set for next Saturday, January 28, beginning at 9 a.m. at The Metro Galleries on 19th Street.

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