Sunday, May 26, 2013

Remembering those who sacrificed on this Memorial Day, marking the passing of Janice Redmond and the time when the crazy commute stops to allow geese to cross the road

 * ... RIP JANICE: Our community lost a great citizen last week with the passing of Janice Marie Redmond. Originally from New York, Janice and her husband Stan moved to Bakersfield in 1972
where they raised their nine children. She was active in local Catholic churches and was a beloved figure among her friends. Keep Stan and his family in your thoughts. She was 74.

 * ... GEESE: Linda Nipper is a human resource specialist who was driving east on Truxtun Extension when traffic ground to a halt at Empire Boulevard. What happened next brought a smile to her face. "Wondering what was holding up our lane, I looked far to the right of the front car in our lane and saw what I thought was a very large bird. Then it became clear ... that a family geese was heading north, crossing Truxtun on a red light.  Yup, two very large grown geese and about five waddling
goslings in tow had stopped all four lanes of traffic, in both directions, during the busy morning commute. I think we all enjoyed our commute a little more and appreciated the unexpected sight of a family of geese,  who appeared not at all flustered by the activity of the cars, as they greeted the day crossing safely to the north side of Truxtun, heading to the river bed I expect."

 * ... ACHIEVER: Former Stockdale High grad Phil McGill has now graduated in the top 5 percent of his law school class at the University of San Diego. He is now studying for the bar and will start at Price Waterhouse in San Francisco in October. Said his father Kerry McGill: "That in itself is commendable in that there are so few law jobs available. If you recall, he went to USD on a full scholarship. Another Bako boy makes good!" So true.

* ... CHIPMAN: Best of luck to the kids over at Chipman Jr. High who are heading to Maryland for the national History Day finals. These high achievers have been trying to raise money to help offset the expenses, but they have a ways to go. Their teacher, Mike Hutson, says any kind of financial support is appreciated. Reach him at (661) 631-5210 if you would like to help. The team includes Sadie Armijo, Stevie McNabb, Dylan Pearson, Jake Beardsley and Miguel Vargas

* ... BASEBALL: Dave Packer wrote to tell me about the new Bakersfield Sound collegiate summer baseball team that will kick off its season in June.  "The games will be held at Bakersfield Christian High School and will provide fun and inexpensive family entertainment with extremely high quality wooden bat baseball played by some of the top collegiate players from throughout the United States .  The team is made up of both local and out of area collegiate players and provides the local players an opportunity to return home during the summer to reconnect with their family and friends, My son, Matt, Stockdale High grad, is one of such players as he is coming home from Miami of Ohio and bringing one of his baseball teammates to live with our family during the summer and experience our great town and California."

 * ... MEMORIAL DAY: And finally this thought submitted by a regular correspondent: "Thanksgiving is the day we pause to give thanks for the things we have. Memorial Day is the day we pause to give thanks to those who fought for the things we have."

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