Friday, May 31, 2013

McCarthy: Eight local Kern County students gain acceptance to the U.S. service academies

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield and House Majority Whip, submits his weekly view from Capitol Hill. In his own words:

 "This week, I was honored to speak at Washington Middle School's graduation where I addressed students seated in the same seats I sat in over 30 years ago.  The world, however, is very different today than it was back in 1979 – and it will continue to change faster than ever before for this new generation
of leaders.

"Thirty-four years ago, there was no internet or iPhone. We lived in a world with two Germanys and a fear of the Soviet Union.  But while many things have changed a great deal, our values remain constant. Passed on from generation to generation, our values are more than our guiding principles, they are our history. I shared with the graduating students the importance of upholding their values as they enter this important time in their lives, of continuing their education and always trying to learn more. But perhaps most importantly, all of our students must know the importance of their individuality.  It is this individuality which is at the core of the American spirit.

 "While my generation was walking around listening to “walkmans,” today an entire generation listens to music on their touch-screen iPods. And it is because of the vision of an individual named Steve Jobs, who had the passion and desire to make his dreams of using technology to transform our daily lives into reality. Individuality leads a person to think outside the box, go against the odds, and find the inner strength to keep working towards a goal despite struggles and failures along the way. This is how great things are achieved.

 "This week in Bakersfield I was also given the opportunity to meet several of our students who I believe represent this fighting spirit of individuality and perseverance through hardship. I was honored to nominate these individuals to attend our U.S. Service Academies, and I am proud of each of them for their decision to serve our nation. I know that with our future in their hands, America will continue to be great.

·         Bryan Bumgarner - Highland High School (U.S. Merchant Marine Academy)

·         Andrew Daughtery - Centennial High School (U.S. Air Force Academy)

·         Daniel Villarreal - Burroughs High School (U.S. Air Force Academy)

·         Cameron Green - Quartz Hill High School/New Mexico Military Institute (U.S. Merchant Marine Academy)

·         Clark Cali - Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School (U.S. Military Academy)

·         Aidan Farrell - Paso Robles High School (U.S. Naval Academy)

·         Jibraun Asaad - Quartz Hill High School (U.S. Air Force Academy)

·         Natrelle Demison - Bakersfield High School/U.S. Air Force Preparatory Academy (U.S. Air Force Academy)


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