Sunday, June 2, 2013

California ranks dead last on a list of business friendly states (no surprise there) and Bakersfield ranks high on another list as a city friendly to financial officers

 * ... TOP STATES: It is no secret that California is a tough place to do business. High taxes, zealous environmental regulations and the high cost of living all tend to push California down the list of states that are friendly to business. But dead last? That's where California ranks in a recent survey of the best states to do business in, based on taxation and regulation, the quality of the workforce and the living environment. The best states, according to, were Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana and Arizona. New York ranked 49th and our Golden State dead last.

 * ... FINANCE: I happened on yet another list, this one ranking cities across the country that have experienced the most growth in financial sector jobs. Bakersfield, it turns out, turned up No. 3 on the list of medium-sized cities with a strong financial sector. The study noted the hot energy sector as one reason for Bakersfield's lofty position. Only Ann Arbor, MI, and Green Bay, WI, did better than Bakersfield.

* ... OVERHEARD: Asking jury panel members if they had ever been victims of a crime, Kern County Superior Court Judge John Brownlee shared this story of a hapless victim: "I had one person who had two steaks stolen off the grill. While inside the house calling the police to report it, they came back and stole the grill."

 * ... BAD FORM: Denise Russell was following a green Toyota Prius on Oswell Street the other day when "the passenger threw out five paper plates out of the window. I guess they figure they are doing good for the air, but heck with the ground. Unbelievable!"

  * ... PETS: I always try to make room for local fund raisers in this space, but this is one is really something special. Over the past few years several groups have organized to help confront our problem of stray dogs and carts, and one of them is the Friends of the Kern County Animal Shelters Foundation. This group, which does so much good in our community, is putting on a unique and clever fund raiser this Saturday, June 8, at the downtown Women's Club. Called Applause for Paws, it is a dinner and comedy show to raise money to help strays. In addition, local artists have painted works for the event that will be auctioned. Doors open at 6 p.m. It is $30 to get in or $50 for a couple.

 * ... OLD TIMER: And finally this nugget from regular contributor Bow Porter: "In response to the retired educator whose new neighbor asked if he 'used to be somebody'....Don't I just love it when some young squirt looks at one of my pictures of 40 years ago, and 40 pounds ago, and says 'Did this use to be you?'"

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Judi said...

Friends Foundation's Applause for Paws tickets available at For the Birds on Rosedale Hwy., Red Brick Pizza on Brimhall, and Self Serve Pet Spa on Calloway and White Lane! There's still time to order by mail - Friends Foundation, PO Box 11494, 93389!