Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bako Bits: The kindness of strangers, good form and Kathie Lee Gifford weighs in to congratulate the Drillers on their state championship

* … KINDNESS: In the spirit of Christmas, Norene Tidd shared this random act of kindness. "I was so flustered last week. A pretty young woman who was in front of me at Von's on Stockdale paid
for my basket of groceries. Nothing in my 78 years has anyone ever been so kind. And I didn't even get her name.  I was in a mental fog and I can only hope that I thanked her. It was a kindness that won't be forgotten. Hope an  opportunity comes my way so that I can do the same."

 * … DRILLERS: Congratulations to the Bakersfield Drillers who brought home another state championship in high school football. Even Kathie Lee Gifford noticed, sending out this Tweet after the Driller victory: "Hey Drillers! Frank Gifford, an old Driller, congratulates the young Drillers! You made him proud!!!

 * … GOOD CHEER: Michele Corson, public affairs director at Kaiser Permanente, is delighted with the Costco employee who checks receipts. "It was a special treat to be sung a holiday song by the Costco serenader as I recently exited Costco on Rosdale Highway. I don't know his name, but he always sings to me as he reads my receipt to ensure I am 'good to go' with my shopping basket. Thank you to this fine gentleman for making my holiday shopping trip brighter!"

 * … YOUNG REPUBLICANS: After reading about some good deeds the Young Democrats have done locally, it didn't take long for the Young Republicans of Kern County to weigh in. This from Matthew Braman, chairman of the KCYR: "Over the past month we have donated a Wii-U gaming system to Redwood High School for at risk youth for the Kern Crossroads Juvenile Treatment Facility, we have an ongoing blood drive at Houchin Blood Bank, we have an ongoing donation of can tabs to the Ronald McDonald house, and we’ve donated $500 to the American Red Cross for relief in the Philippines. Now there is an energetic group of young adults who want to give back to the community."

* … BAD FORM: This thoughtful note came from a parent who weighed in on how adults behave at youth baseball games. "As a parent of a child who is involved in sports it is sometimes challenging to block out negative remarks made by families of the opponent… Everyone has the right to cheer or root for their child, niece, nephew or grandchild but when remarks are made about your own child while they are up to bat and grown adults are shouting 'strike him out'…  These negative remarks have an impact on these children at this age level. We are not sitting at Dodger Stadium watching over paid Major League baseball players. We are watching nine to twelve year olds playing their heart and soul out hoping to win and not be a disappointment to their families or to themselves. Maybe my response was a little harsh but the most upsetting part in all of this is that this Bakersfield grandmother didn’t see anything wrong with what was said, 'its just baseball.' As a Taft baseball mom and a proud parent of a son who pitches, I have never once shouted, 'strike out that kid' while my son has pitched in a game. It saddens me to think that there are parents/grandparents out there that don’t think about the feelings and the negative impact it has on our children. I would have enjoyed this game and our win more without having to endure rude comments about our team’s talent."

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