Sunday, February 15, 2015

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls for end to labor dispute that has closed down West Coast ports

House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy gives us his weekly view from Capitol Hill:

"This week, a bipartisan group of members from across America and I gathered together to call for an immediate resolution of a labor dispute that threatens to shut down our West Coast ports, harming our local, state, and national economy.

"Our seaports handle around $1 trillion in trade per year. About half of our country’s imports come in As every resident knows, our area has been devastated due to drought.  Our farmers are taking trees out, unemployment in the Central Valley is much higher – some places it’s thirty percent. But the produce that we've been able to grow with the little water that is available is now being lost because of this crisis. Our local businesses, whether they are in agriculture, manufacturing, or the retail sector, are losing millions of dollars a day because of the labor dispute that could seriously cripple our economy.
through our 29 West Coast ports.  Many of the ships that are sitting in the harbor are waiting to ship goods stuck on the docks – goods like the agricultural products grown right here in the Central Valley.

"Nobody wins in this current situation and everyone loses in this country if this dispute continues. This is something that cannot continue.

"The House also passed legislation that makes permanent two tax incentives that are set to expire later this year.  First, the House passed the Fighting Hunger Incentive Act to make permanent tax incentives so businesses can contribute excess inventory to local food banks and pantries. Second, the House also passed the America's Small Business Tax Relief Act, which would create stability for small businesses by making permanent increased small business expensing in Section 179 of the tax code. The last thing a small business that is trying to grow and hire more workers needs is uncertainty. It is unfortunate that this Administration has threatened to veto these commonsense measures.

 "Also this week, after being stuck in the Senate last Congress, I am very pleased that the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans (SAV) Act has been sent to the President’s desk and signed into law. Our nation must do everything it can to help provide veterans access to mental health resources when they come home. Our veterans deserve the best, and I look forward to continue working with our local veterans community to improve their access to the medical care they need.

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