Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Coyotes are attacking and dining on abandoned dogs off Breckenridge Road, Terry Maxwell takes over The Mark restaurant as general manager, and I will interview Ralph Bailey on the Sinatra legacy

 * ... ANIMAL ABUSE: It is distressing enough that some people feel it's perfectly okay to dump pets on the side of the road once they tire of them. But Terrie Stoler says something horrific
is happening off Breckenridge Road when pets are abandoned there. "This has been an ongoing problem on our road for many years. Yesterday we witnessed the end of the lives for several abandoned dogs on our road. We had seen them for several days and then in broad daylight watched as a coyote killed and ate them! Is this what people that drop off unwanted pets are expecting? They would suffer less if they just shot them! To gain insight as to the hell that these abandoned pets go through please order my book,  'Rudy, the Throwaway Mutt' from Amazon. Rudy made it and found a better life but most are either run over or eaten by coyotes!"

 * ... MAXWELL: Terry Maxwell, the Ward 2 city councilman and long-time owner of TL Maxwell's Restaurant and Bar, has taken on new responsibilities as the general manager of The Mark restaurant downtown. Maxwell told me he has known the owners of The Mark for years and was eager to take on job. "I want to improve on what is already a good thing," he said. Among his early plans: revamp the lunch and dinner menus and introduce some enticing new specials. His own eatery, Maxwell's, will remain open as he spends more time just a few blocks away at The Mark on 19th Street.

 * ... SINATRA: Did you know that this week marks the 17th anniversary of the death of Frank Sinatra, arguably one of the greatest singer and entertainers this country has ever produced? And is there a bigger Sinatra fan in town than KERN radio host Ralph Bailey? If Ralph isn't singing along with Frank during his show, he is sharing fascinating tidbits of Sinatra's legendary life. On Thursday at 5 p.m., I will turn the tables on Ralph and interview him on his own show (KERN  96.1 FM.) about his deep obsession with Sinatra. Tune in and call in with your questions as we delve into Ralph's fascination with this American icon.

* ... SPOTTED: On a friend's Twitter feed: "Whenever I see a couple’s names carved into a tree, I can’t help but wonder why all these people are bringing knives on a date."

 * ... TEXTING: Greg Banks was driving on Stockade Highway recently when he "looked over and noticed an 80-plus year old woman texting on her cell phone as she was trying to maneuver her vehicle while driving about 20 mph and holding up traffic behind her. At the next stop light, she pulled up along side my vehicle still texting. I honked, she looked up, and I did the 'shame on you' gesture. She was so embarrassed she hung her head! I guess the temptation to text can occur at any age."

 * .. FOX THEATER: Peter Parson reminded me that the new FLICS season will start this September at the historic Fox Theater. Part of the show will be a documentary featuring the history of the Fox. "The film includes several shots of the original interior the walls of which were painted to look like an avenida in Old Mexico with balconies, ivy etc. leading to the stage. I believe the new interior was done in the early 1950s fortunately just prior to the onset of the Uglification Project  which destroyed historical architectural details of Brock's, Penney's, Sears, etc. (they missed The Californian) and replaced them with facades of stucco, plastic and worse materials.  For a mere $6 the public can see it for themselves or $50 will get a season pass for up to 17 excellent foreign films. By far the best entertainment deal in town!"

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