Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Remembering Ray Dezember, and what does proper etiquette look like on social media when the world is in chaos?

 * ... RAY DEZEMBER: I attended the memorial service for Ray Dezember at St. John's Lutheran
Church the other day, and the best line of the service came from his son in law who speculated on Ray's reaction on entering heaven: "I knew it! It looks just like Bakersfield!"

 * ... SOCIAL MEDIA: I am no expert on social media etiquette, and it is easy to take things out of context, but on a day when Islamic terrorists kill scores in Brussels it seems inappropriate to ask for prayers on Facebook because you are remodeling your kitchen.

 * ... SPOTTED ON TWITTER: "I’m gonna have to get new pets, I’m running out of passwords."

 * ... BAD FORM: At the downtown Sequoia Sandwich Shop during a crowded lunch, two men leave their table full of soiled napkins, sandwich baskets, crumbs and cups. Is it asking too much of folks to police their eating area so they next people can sit down to a clean table?

 * .,.. CSU BAKERSFIELD: Local Realtor Michael Richert was at Disneyland when CSU Bakersfield battled Oklahoma in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Said Richert: "With my family at Disneyland, I found The ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney had the game on and the place full of NCAA March Madness Fans! It was fun to represent, (Yep, I was the only one there from Bakersfield). It was pretty cool being the only person clapping in a room that had 400 people sitting and eating and drinking. My only question was why did the team need to fly back so soon and then I remembered where they were. Why stay? Proud of Bakersfield!"

 * ... GOOD FORM: This community is full of folks who come together to make this a better place to live, and among them are the neighbors of the South Oswell Neighborhood organization, which recently removed their 1,000th piece of graffiti. Said David Collins: "Hopefully our volunteers can be an encouragement to other areas of Bakersfield and Kern County. Our lifetime cleanup totals are as follows: 1,219.6 volunteer hours, 1,098.90 bags of litter picked up, 274 'flash' cleanups, 1,000 pieces of graffiti removed, 2,232 e-alerts and notices, 20 major cleanups and 340 weeks of cleanup coverage.‎"

 * ... MORE GOOD FORM:  And there was this from Beverly Hayden: "Last Wednesday a group of friends and myself enjoyed a very good lunch at the Broken Yolk Restaurant. We get together once a month, our connection is that we are either past or current volunteers at The Guild House. There were six of us and as we were getting ready to pay for our lunch the gentleman sitting across from us said he wanted to buy our lunch for us. We protested because there were so many of us. This sweet man insisted and we thanked him for his kind gesture. We did not get his name. His act of kindness made the rest of the day brighter."

 * ... WOMAN'S CLUB: Congratulations to the Woman's Club of Bakersfield that is celebrating its 120th anniversary next week. The club was incorporate in 1896, helped fund and promote the first library in Kern County and was involved in women's suffrage and saving the Beale Clock Tower.

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