Sunday, August 4, 2019

Homeless encampments are triggering wildfires across Californian, more homeless vandalism downtown, In-n-Out Burger is dethroned as the nation's top fast food joint and Glenn Hammett retires from The Californian

Monday, August 5, 2019

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 * ... HOMELESS FIRES: As if we didn't have enough to worry about with the homeless spreading disease and urinating and defecating in public, officials now say homeless encampments are increasingly to blame for wildfires. From Los Angeles to Sacramento, multiple fires are being blamed on the homeless and the fire season is just getting started. Remember the Skirball fire in Bel-Air in
late 2017? You got it, caused by a homeless encampment. Or the fire last week in the Sepulveda basin? Caused by another homeless encampment. Meanwhile, my friend Karen Rowles sent me this picture from Scottsdale, which has the cleanest streets in the country. I think we need signs like this here.

 * ... VANDALISM: Meanwhile the men's store Blue Stagg is the latest local business to be vandalized by the homeless. The owners showed up last week to find its front door busted out, a random and seemingly senseless act similar to what has happened at other local retailers downtown. Blue Oak Coffee Roasting was hit just a week ago - the second time - and we now run the risk of running off retailers who have put their time and capital into a downtown revival. Is anyone listening?

* ... BEST FAST FOOD: In-N-Out Burger is officially out as the nation's favorite fast-food chain. Taking over the top spot is not Chick-fil-A, at least according to a new survey conducted by Market Force's Customer Satisfaction survey. More than 7,600 people filled out Market Force's Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey looked at food quality, dollar value, and staff friendliness among other things. While In-N-Out scored an overall rating of 73, Chick-fil-A did even better. It scored a 79 and now reigns supreme. In-N-Out didn't even make second place overall, which went to Louisiana-based chicken restaurant Raising Cane's, with a rating of 78.

 * ... LEAVING TBC: The Bakersfield Californian lost another key employee last week when graphics director Glenn Hammett called it quits after 31 years. Hammett was the design guru behind almost all of TBC's key projects and products, including its corporate rebranding several years ago and his leadership of BakersfieldLife magazine. Almost everything at TBC, from business cards to the beautiful TBC compass logo in the historic lobby, were works of Hammett. And check this out: after 31 years of employment he left without taking a single sick day.

 * ... INDY OH INDY: Local author Teresa Adamo spent a few hours at the local Barnes and Noble Sunday signing books and reading to a group of youngsters from her latest novel in the "Indy, Oh Indy" series of children's books. Adamo is a longtime journalist and writer, an alum of The Bakersfield Californian and a longtime freelancer and now novelist.

* ... SIGN OF THE TIMES: And then I spotted this on Facebook, another sign of the times.

 * ... MEMORIES: Thanks to Art Moore and the Facebook page Kern County History Fans for this classic old shot, circa 1917.

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