Sunday, July 26, 2020

Research shows as many has half of adult Americans may eschew a vaccine for the coronavirus, new research shows children may be more at risk than we think and Traco Matthews lands a new gig at CAPK

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* ... COVID VACCINE: Here's a quick quiz for you: what percentage of the U.S. population would be reluctant to take a vaccine for Covid-19? Well if you listen to the experts, it could be as high as half the population. That's right, Dr. Brij Bhambi of Centric Health is among those who believe there are a lot of "anti vaccine" people out there, cities surveys that report that 20-25 percent of the
population is fully anti-vaccine, and another 30 percent is not sure if they would take the vaccine. Those numbers, he said, would make attaining "herd immunity" difficult given so many people who opt out of the vaccinations. In addition, Bhambi said it is not yet known just how long a vaccinations may last. If it lasts for six months, then we would all need a booster shot to retain immunity.

 * ... KIDS AND COVID: The earlier wisdom was that children were largely out of danger with the Covid-19 virus, but now we are learning otherwise. Valley Children’s Hospital is now warning that 69 kids have been hospitalized and the infection rate for children is around 8 percent. CEO Todd Suntrapak said many people assume children don’t have as much to fear about COVID-19. “When we see a dialogue, a narrative that is focused on how small the risk is numerically to children, it is particularly objectionable and we feel a miscarriage,” he said.

 * ... TRACO MATTHEWS: Congratulations to Traco Matthews, who announced this weekend he was leaving his position as Human Resources managers for the Kern Superintendent of Schools and is headed too CAPK as its chief program officer. Said Matthews: "This new position will allow me to work in a role that fully aligns with my life purpose and to contribute to the growth and success of our community at a higher level... God’s plans are always best, and I know He’s called me to this next chapter. I’m excited for the opportunity and looking forward to continuing to serve and lead in this wonderful community."

 * ... SPOTTED ON TWITTER: "Seriously would like to read a piece that described what it would look like if we put more priority on teachers returning to work safely than professional athletes."

* ... MYSTERY WOMAN: You just have to love this 1940s-era photo of a woman working the fields near Edison, according to the Kern County of Old Facebook page. Lois Henry wrote this: "Does she bear a resemblance to anyone's grandma or great grandma? This is near Edison in 1940 according to the info on Kern County of Old. Is that a derrick in the background? I love her feisty, 'Whaddaya lookin' at' attitude in this photo! She's a true beauty! If anyone has ideas of who she is, be sure and post on Kern County of Old!"

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