Friday, March 4, 2022

Dr. Brij Bhambi of Bakersfield Heart Hospital: "It's time to end the torture in Ukraine, time to expose Putin as the deranged septuagenarian he is!"

 In this exclusive essay written by Dr. Brij Bhambi, the local cardiologist and head of Central Cardiology expresses his frustration with the actions of Vladimir Putin in the Ukraine. While Bhambi stops short of calling for U.S. military intervention, he is hoping the war of attritions leads to Putin's ouster, or even death. In his own words:

 "Done with Putin
 "The humanity can’t be held hostage to the insane ambitions of an enraged lunatic. A deranged septuagenarian, hiding from Covid-19, in gilded isolation, can’t be allowed to wreak havoc on the life as we know it.
 "Pandering has to stop now. 

 "Massacre of the innocent Ukrainians must end. NOW!
 "False bravado of half measures only welcomes death and cascading apocalypse.
 "Giving this lunatic space does not improve upon on his chances to be rational. 
 "It feeds his fragile ego and inflames destructive instincts. 
 "Take him down in Ukraine. 
 "Take him down in Russia. 
 "Take him down everywhere.
 "Take him down now.
 "Let Russians know they are endangered and devil is in Russia. 
 "Take him down now. 
 "Box him.
 "And shatter him.
 "Don’t coax him. 
 "Or flatter him.
 "Take him down now.
 "Let right be might.
 "And might be right.
 "Liberal or conservative vibes love holds alike all lives.
 "Lets end the torture.
 "Lets fund the future.
 "Take a good look at Xi too.
 "Peas in a pod. 
 "Let them find their god, In their pod.
 "Not half measures, now full jugular. 


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