Monday, January 5, 2009

Ford: The good, the bad and the really ugly

There's more bad news for the car industry, and it's no longer relegated to the Big Three. Toyota and Honda also report plummeting sales. But there could be some good news for Ford, and I am unabashedly pulling for Ford's recovery. Why? Locally Jim Burke Ford is a family company that over the years has done a lot to improve our community. They are good stewards who have always given back when others have not. So let's hope they stick around for many more years. Ford reported today that sales dropped 32.4 percent in December from the period a year ago. That's tough but there is some good news: the company said its market share increased to 14.6 percent in December, up 0.7 of a point from a year ago. In addition, the Ford F-Series pickup has maintained its position as the best selling model in the United States, and on the horizon in the incredible Ford Fusion Hybrid that promises gas mileage in the 40-plus range. We'll take the good news when we can get it.

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Anonymous said...

My husband has a classic Ford Mustang, and I dream of owning a modern Mustang someday... but I just can't fit four kids and a husband and myself in one GT right now... so I guess I just need to wait until the boys are older. We are a big fan of buying American cars.