Friday, January 9, 2009

Wendy watch: a good day for Ms. Wayne

I spotted Wendy Wayne on the way to work today. She was bundled up in a stocking cap and chatting with a friend (with dogs in tow) at the corner of Oak and 21st Street, headed to Beach Park for brisk walk. She's back from Cedar's Sinai and another round of chemotherapy and is thankful for every good day. She shot me an email:

"I've been trying to walk at least an hour each day. Working up to a 1/2 marathon on 1/25/09 in Carlsbad with a large group of Dominic Ambriz supporters. Next week is the big one ... in LA for at least six days" for more chemotherapy.

Seeing Wendy out and about brightened my day. Life often deals us bad hands, but few handle them as well as Ms. Wayne.


Anonymous said...

A message for Wendy -

If only more of us would be like you. You are a heroine by all measures. Your strength, courage and generosity set standards to which few compare. During this time of immeasurable challenge, you will persevere. May your wings be lifted by all you have given to others. My thoughts are with you, GREAT one.

Anonymous said...

Prayers and hugs to you Wendy!... We are all pulling for you!