Friday, February 27, 2009

Born free and caught near Havilah

Got an email from Ed Bolt, a retired county employee and avid sportsman, who passed along this picture of a mountain lion nabbed by Fish and Game wardens near Havilah. Seems the cat had been preying on a farmer's goat herd until he called in the authorities. Said Ed:

"My younger brother lives on east side of Breckenridge Mountain Northwest of Havilah. This Mountain Lion has been decimating the brother's herd of goats for the past six months. Fish and Game caught this mountain lion just last night...(and) the few remaining goats are celebrating."

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Anonymous said...

It infuriates me that this cat was put down. Does a mountain lion know the difference between domesticated goats that is not okay to eat vs. a deer that is okay to eat? I am not a tree hugger or an animal activist, but this cat should have been relocated since humans were not at risk, that I'm aware of. If you raise goats in the mountains, you are likely to attract prey. He looked like a very healthy cat, no doubt, from eating goats!