Monday, February 23, 2009

Spc. Jordan Zoeller heads home from Iraq

Always good news when one of our own does their duty with the military and comes home safe. In this case it's Spc. Jordan Zoeller, son of Barry Zoeller, vice president and chief spokesman for the Tejon Ranch Co. and a former TV anchor in town. Barry is in my Rotary Club and he's kept us abreast of Jordan's stint in Iraq. The photo shows Jordan in front of a Mobile Gun System Stryker vehicle he was assigned to drive. The main gun is a 105mm cannon, the same gun found on an M-1 tank. Jordan served with the 2nd Stryker Battalion, 25th Infantry Division of the Army. The boy was supposed to come home this month but it's been pushed back to early April, but the good news is he is in Kuwait headed home via Hawaii. Welcome home, soldier.

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