Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bako bits: Short takes from around our community

If it's spring (albeit a short one here in Bakersfield) you know it's the season for non-profits to come out swinging with fund raisers and events. We've got a solid couple months of fund raisers and events lined up. Some of the things going on around town:
* In two weeks (April 21) Bakersfield Memorial Hospital will recognize Dr. Hans Einstein with the opening of the Hans E. Einstein, MD Pavilion. Memorial has been on a roll with millions spent on capital improvements and the Einstein Pavilion will be just the latest addition.
* Valley Republic Bank next Monday (April 21) will hold a ribbon cutting to open its first branch at 5000 California Avenue. Bruce Jay is the new bank CEO and he promises to go after some of the same kinds of small business customers that locally owned San Joaquin Bank serves.
* John Pryor, longtime local insurance guru, has now turned to risk management consulting and is promoting an April 23 event at Stockdale Country Club featuring Mark Abe, one of the FBI's local counter-terrorism leaders. Abe will be talking from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.. Contact John at 588-1100 if you are interested.
* I read with great curiosity the front page story in today's Californian on "technology fatigue." Curious because while conceding that almost half of all adults are enthusiastic about social networking, the story then focuses on the 7 percent who are not. Of course this story was written by the Associated Press, an embattled and backward looking organization that is directly threatened by the growth of online. And so it goes. Welcome to our Bakersfield spring.

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