Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oil Boys of Bakersfield: inside view from the fields

I happened upon a promising new local website yesterday and - as these things happen - learned that an old friend was one of the brains behind its creation. It's called "The Oil Boys of Bakersfield" (check out the website here)and it's devoted to creating a spirited dialogue about issues in the oil patch, from the price of gas to drilling and production. One of the developers in Graysen Oldham, a bright kid who I knew a few years back as a skilled and dangerous bicycle racer in town. You can't race bikes forever and now Graysen is working for Brinderson Construction, a national engineering and construction firm with offices here in town. Graysen told me that a work colleague helped him develop the website, which just recently debuted. It will be interesting to see if it catches on and develops into an authoritative source on the oil patch. An example of a topic they will tackle:

"We had a chance to sit down with Project Manager/Lead Estimater Butch Hill of Brinderson Construction a few days ago and chat with him about what life is like at a contractor company such as Brinderson after the Cost Per Barrel of Kern Crude took a dive this past February. And how his bidding techniques are changing due to the fact that Oil Companies now have an upper hand with the pendulum swinging from the extreme of too much work and not near enough man power to the complete opposite of no work and an over abundance of man power."

We'll check back on the Oil Boys later.

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