Friday, April 10, 2009

Bako Bits: Rumblings and buzz about banks, baseball, Twitter and a silly slow speed chase

Cleaning out the cupboard before a long Easter weekend, buzz about town:
* Lots of chatter about the Federal Reserve cracking down on locally owned San Joaquin Bank (read previous post here). Insiders say this is no time to panic, the bank has tons of cash and that San Joaquin is simply undergoing the same intense scrutiny that all banks are in this climate. Others say the folks over at the newly formed Valley Republic Bank (see previous post here) smell blood in the water and see this as an opportunity to boast that its balance sheet is clean of any toxic assets by virtue that it's a brand new bank in town being run by trusted locals. There no doubt will be more of this to come.
* You have to wonder what the folks over at KGET TV were thinking this morning, devoting way too much time having Kyoshi and lapmate follow an excruciatingly boring slow speed chase in south Orange County of all places. Say what? Can't believe there wasn't more compelling local content about our community that deserved airtime.
* CSUB baseball is getting a lot of positive buzz in its inaugural year. The Runners have beaten defending national champion Fresno State twice this year and I hear an afternoon over at the new Hardt Field is a delight. Hats off to President Horace Mitchell on his push to bring a bona fide college experience to this largely commuter school. The Runners have games today and Saturday at Hardt Field.
* Am always intrigued with the way politicians have taken to social networking to push their agendas, and few are as good at it than our own Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Kevin used Twitter this morning seeking input from local business people on ways to create jobs.
* Speaking of Twitter, if you are looking for deals and bargains begin following "Bakodeals" for some recession busting bargains around town.

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