Friday, June 26, 2009

McCarthy: Cap and Trade bill bad news for consumers, local businesses, bad for jobs

An important week in Washington. Here's the view of Bakersfield Rep. Kevin McCarthy, in his own words.

"The week ended with a vote to pass Speaker Pelosi’s cap and trade bill, which unfortunately imposes a national energy tax on our local families, small businesses, and farms. As unemployment in our local communities has reached record highs, I believe Congress should focus on growing American jobs. That is why I spent much of Friday on the floor building support for an alternative solution - the American Energy Act that promotes an all-of-the-above energy plan with strong investments in American renewable energy: more American wind, American solar, American geothermal, and American nuclear power. This all-of-the-above approach can power our economy, create needed jobs, and leave our children with a cleaner and safer environment.

"I began the week by speaking to Capitol Hill interns. I always enjoy speaking to interns, as I began my career in public service as an intern. I was actually turned down the first time I applied, but would not take “no” for an answer. So I volunteered and worked cutting local newspaper clips in the Congressman’s district office. I was able to tell the interns about our hometown of Bakersfield, and some of the legislative ideas we are working on. I also spoke about the need for accountability in Washington, and a heavy dose of vision to move our country forward. I concluded my talk with a few book recommendations that will help them as the next generation of American political and business leaders. To view my recommended reading list, visit my website:

"On the Financial Services front, the Committee held two hearings this week on the Administration’s plan for financial regulatory reform. The first focused on a proposal to create another government program where bureaucrats would approve everything from what kind of credit card and loan you can choose to the advertisement your bank or credit union puts in our local papers. The second hearing was on financial literacy in the new regulatory proposal.

"On Thursday, I received good news about the Los Osos community in the western part of the district that Congresswoman Lois Capps (CA-23) and I serve. Los Osos has been made eligible for funding to invest in much needed water infrastructure and ensure that natural resources and the environment are protected.
"Later that day I went on local San Luis Obispo radio with King Harris on KVEC. We discussed Speaker Pelosi’s cap and trade bill, which imposes a national energy tax, and the government health care plan that the Senate is working on. As we think about changes to our nation’s health care system, we need to preserve what works, make improvements on what does not, and protect the ability of our citizens’ freedom to choose a health care plan that best fits their needs. More government involvement will only lead to more bureaucracy, which will decrease the quality of care for every American.

"Late Thursday, we voted to pass the National Defense Authorization which funds our Department of Defense. While I supported the final version of the bill, it could have been improved by fully funding our missile defense program. The Administration reduced missile-defense funding for 2010 by $1.2 billion during times of immediate threats from North Korea and Iran. I supported an amendment that would have restored full funding to the program, but it was defeated. I will continue to work with my colleagues and especially the new ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee, our neighbor Congressman Buck McKeon, to make sure that our country is safe from any and all global threats.

"I am looking forward to being back home and traveling to our local communities to hear from you. I will start the work week in Bakersfield at our new National Cemetery to honor the first local veterans who are being laid to rest. The new National Cemetery will serve as a reminder for our future generations of those who served and sacrificed for our freedom. Have a good 4th of July and thanks for reading.

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