Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Museum of Art goes podcasting: shrewd marketing in a digital world and why it matters

It's nice to see when our local non-profits start to understand the power of digital marketing and what it can mean in building an audience and talking to the most loyal members of your tribe. Which was why I was pleased to hear from Beth Pandol, the creative marketing director over at the Bakersfield Museum of Art, who posted an email on the museum's Facebook page reading simply: "Here's our first podcast." That was followed by a second posting for a second podcast, this one devoted to Liz Sherwyn, winner of the museum's recent Visual Arts Festival. The second is posted below and this is terrific stuff. The wonderful thing about this kind of technology (hand held cameras and videos done by amateurs) is that they don't need to be professionally done. This is not about slick production but rather about spreading your message, and the museum has done a terrific job so far. Think about it: they shoot the video, post it to the museum Facebook page (check it out here), and simply send out a message to their fans telling them it's there. As simple as that. Not sure if the museum is on Twitter posting the same, but it should be. If you're running a company and you're not fluent in this technology, it's your loss.


Barbara Reid said...

Kudos to the Museum for getting on board. Thanks for posting, Richard. And btw, those paper cuts Liz does are amazing.


These aren't really podcasts. They are more like YouTube video links. Nonetheless, glad to see BMOA evolving.