Monday, August 31, 2009

Kern's past captured in black and white: Joseph Clerou on Saipan, World War II

Came across this wonderful photo of young Marine Joseph Clerou when he was based on Saipan serving in the Pacific during World World II. Joseph was one of eight Clerou kids who grew up in Bakersfield (Romain Clerou is his brother). His son George runs Clerou Tire Co. Inc. over off East 21st Street. Sometimes a great picture is worth a thousand words, and this is one of them. Someone obviously sent Joseph a copy of The Bakersfield Californian to get the news from home. Note the headlines about the battle on Guam. The story on the selection of Harry Truman as Franklin Roosevelt's vice president candidate indicates this picture was taken either very late July or August of 1944 (Truman was nominated on July 21, 1944 when Roosevelt was going for his fourth term as president). Thanks to George for sharing this with BakersfieldObserved.

Saipan is located in the Mariana Islands and the battle for the islands raged from June to July in 1944. Those involved included the 2nd Marine Division, the 4th Marine Division and the 27th Infantry Division.



Wonderful photo. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

great photo! love the cigar. now that's a Marine!

Anonymous said...

Great Family Great man

Anonymous said...

An historic and wonderful picture.
Met Joe one time when I was with his brother Vincent. I'm their second cousin.
All the Best.