Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Local church tries to return to earthquake devastated Haiti to provide assistance

 A local church group that spent 10 days in Haiti building a medical clinic is trying to return to provide assistance after the devastating earthquake. The problem: they have a short window to get there and are looking for use of a private jet. Evan Evans, manager of a local Allstate Insurance office, told me that a small group from the Olive Knolls Church of the Nazarene was trying to return to help. He said one church member, emergency room Dr. James Rosburgh, was off the next 10 days and could devote that time to helping in the recovery. "We're looking for someone with a corporate jet to get us there. We have to do it within 10 days so our ER doctor can get back to work" at Mercy Hospital. Members of the church spent 10 days in Haiti last November, building a clinic. Evans said the one-way flight is 2,700 miles. "Our group already has our passports and shots, so we are ready to go." If you are interested in helping, call church Pastor Rob Songer at 661-345-4770.

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