Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SF Chronicle: Plaintiff in gay marriage lawsuit is from Bakersfield

 It appears one of the plaintiffs in the drama being played out in federal court in the gay marriage lawsuit is from Bakersfield. According to the San Francisco Chronicle this morning, Kristen Perry grew up in Bakersfield but now lives in northern California. Perry, 45, and her partner Sandy Stier, 47, live in Berkeley and are plaintiffs in the lawsuit challenging Proposition 8. According to the Chronicle, Perry "grew up in Bakersfield, the heart of California's Bible belt. She knew she was different in high school but dated boys to 'make life easier' and so she could go to parites.?" To read the full Chronicle story, click on the link here. A photo of Perry and Stier is linked to the Chronicle story.

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Anonymous said...

This should bring out the hackles from all the righty wingnuts here in town. I can imagine what Inga Barks and her followers will say about this! Our shame!