Saturday, March 6, 2010

McCarthy: America deserves better. Time to create jobs and support businesses

 This week's report from Capitol Hill by Bakersfield Rep. Kevin McCarthy. In his own words:

 "Today our economy – more than a year after the “stimulus” was passed - sits in a hole that’s over three million jobs deep. Last month alone, Americans lost another 36,000 jobs. Washington has neglected to put the nation’s priorities ahead of a progressive ideological driven agenda. As a result, we have seen millions of American jobs lost, hundreds of banks fail, thousands of small businesses collapse, lending tighten,  the deficit grow exponentially, and for the first time our debt turn into a national security issue. Oh, and a government takeover of health care is still looming in Congress.
 "As I continue to say, you cannot reduce our debt with more debt. Growing up, I was always told, when you find yourself digging a hole, stop digging.  I know this is disappointing news, and I am sure you are wondering why, week after week I write this column and highlight these kinds of problems.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  I believe America deserves better.  We need permanent private sector jobs.  We need policies that lower taxation and regulations focused on promoting job growth and small businesses, which create 70% of all jobs in the U.S., controls and reduces annual Federal spending deficits, and gets our national debt (now over $12 trillion) under control.
 "I believe that America is still the greatest country in the world, not because of government, but because of us and our free-enterprise system that focuses on maximizing our freedom to succeed.  Our economic success is based on the entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic of the American people.  This is a critical time in our history, and the American people expect their elected officials to rise to the occasion—you’ve made that message clear.  During these tough economic times, millions of Americans and small businesses are making tough decisions and working even harder to remain successful.  It is time for Congress to do the same.  It is time for Congress to get the spending under control, balance the budget, pay off the debt and stop resorting to the feel-good, easy spending solutions of 2009.
 "Congress was again in session this week and on Wednesday while in Washington I held a tele-town hall.  During the call, I surveyed listeners by asking what they thought Congress should be focusing on
more: creating jobs or health care reform.  Once again, an overwhelming 86% responded that Congress should be working on creating jobs.  It is responses like this that clarify what we have been saying
- fix the economy first!

 "Finally, I just want to remind you about the Jobs ResourceExpo I am hosting on March 8th at the downtown Marriott in Bakersfield from 11am – 2pm.  If you or anyone you know is looking for a job during these hard times, please let them know about the Jobs ResourceExpo and stop by. There is no need to RSVP, but if you need more info, please check my website:

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