Friday, April 9, 2010

Padre targeted by unions: but are they effective?

The new Padre Hotel became the latest in a long string of local businesses (including The Californian several years ago) to be targeted by organized labor for allegedly using non-union workers or paying prevailing wages on contracts. The problem for the union: these "shame on" protests have become so common they no longer draw attention, so to my knowledge are ineffective. And my guess is the folks they hire to stand behind the signs all day are not being paid "prevailing wages."


hedge said...

Like pulling over and paying 50 cents for a bad cup of sugar water whenever I see kids manning a lemonade stand, I make a mental note to always do business with whatever's behind that "Shame On" banner. If I can walk in the door right then, right past the loooosers leaning on the sign, that's a bonus. Any company that makes the unions mad, well, they're my kind of people.

Anonymous said...

I've seen these guys all around town. The people with the banners look homeless. Somebody should interview them and find out what they are being paid.