Thursday, May 20, 2010

Remembering the Indian statue at the Garces Circle and gal pals raise money to fight domestic violence

 * ... MUSEUM MAKEOVER: Jeff Nickell, director of the Kern County Museum, added some details to the new paint job the museum recently received. Said Jeff: "We were able to do the exterior painting due to the generosity of Jim Black Construction who gave us a great deal. If you think that looks good, I invite you to check out the interior. We ripped out the mezzanine, which allowed us to re-install the original windows that had been taken out in the 1950s. We also took out the 'ugly track lighting' and chandeliers have been installed. The interior now has fresh paint matching the original colors as closely as possible just as we did with the exterior."

* ... GIRLS NIGHT: Lili Marsh at the Petroleum Club asked me to spread the news of a fun evening to benefit the Alliance Against Family Violence. Apparently some gal pals were sitting around talking about going to the premiere of the new "Sex and the City 2" movie that opens May 27. That led to an idea about turning it into a event to raise money for the Alliance while having some fun. So for $100, you get reserved tickets to the 7 p.m. movie, drinks and light snacks at Mama Tosca's at the Marketplace and an after hours dessert party at Hourglass. Stilettos required, I am told. Interested? Call 661-378-5646 or pick up tickets at Christines or Lolo's.

 * ... PROUD GRANDMA: Norene Todd wrote to brag about her grandson, 2008 Stockdale High graduate Brent Lomas. He went to USC on an academic scholarship, graduated with honors and is now working at a charter school in Los Angeles. Not being done yet, he went on to UCLA to get his masters and will soon graduate. His dream is to live in New York and Norene expects him to be there before the end of the year. "How proud I am of him," she said. "I'm sure that whatever he sets out to do, he will." Brent is the son of Barbara and Tony Lomas. Thanks for sharing, Norene.

 * ... KEDC EFFORT: Heard from Robin Fleming, who works in business development for the Kern Economic Development Corporation, about a push by the KEDC Foundation to get more women involved in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM courses.) Apparently the Foundation is the umbrella organization for the Alliance of Women in Energy, and the Alliance of Women in Energy Mentoring Initiative.  "The AWE Mentoring Initiative promotes innovation-centered education and increases female students' achievement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses through a year-long mentoring program at the Independence High School Energy and Utility Academy. Currently 44 young ladies obtain one-on-one mentoring with professional women in a cross-section of energy-related businesses and are introduced to real-life career opportunities in the energy sector. What better way to learn about energy than from some of our brightest Kern County women." 

 * ... CHIEF FIRE WATER: Had a couple calls from readers questioning the veracity of an earlier "Bakersfieldism" reporting that there used to be an Indian statue on the Garces circle. This is the response from reader Will Winn:  "Guess you are too young to remember when the huge Indian statue (now at Ethyl's Old Corral Cafe on Alfred Harrel Hwy) was in front of, I think it was a Big 'O' tire shop, on the circle as you headed north on Chester Avenue My oldest son, Jason, wanted to stop there one evening after dark and take a closer look at the big chief.  When I lifted him up he began to scream, 'Let me down, let me down.'  I put him down and as he ran back to our car I looked up and saw that the chief appeared to be looking right down at me with a very angry visage. Scared me, too!"

* ... EAST BAKERSFIELDISM: A new thread comes from an anonymous Bakersfield resident now living in Visalia. "You know you're an East Bakersfield old timer if Ben Stinson Sr. was your letter carrier before the store opened."


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