Friday, May 21, 2010

Rep. McCarthy: town hall meeting set for CSUB at Icardo Center on June 2

 Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) weighs in with his weekly report from Capitol Hill.

  "Mark your calendars for June 2nd because I will be holding a town hall meeting in Bakersfield as part of a national project that I was asked to head up called America Speaking Out.  Americans are tired of
Washington not listening, and my colleagues and I want to give Americans a voice to establish a new governing agenda for Congress. I  hope you will bring your ideas and solutions.  The town hall will be
from 6:00-7:30p.m at CSUB’s Icardo Center and anyone may attend. 

 "You can RSVP for the event, but are not required to, by calling my office at 327- 3611, or emailing  For more information, check out,, or follow me on twitter @ChiefDeputyWhip.  I look forward to hearing your ideas on changing Washington’s focus and the way it works. ‪

  "One of the most important issues I believe we need to tackle is stopping Washington’s out-of-control spending. At this moment, the national debt is approaching $13 trillion and each taxpayer owes over
$117,000 as part of that debt.  Some believe that by increasing taxes-with proposals like adding a value added tax (VAT)-Washington will be able to solve its spending problems. Yet, common sense leads
me to believe that creating new job killing taxes for an economy already riddled with national unemployment rate of 9.9% is a bad idea, and that is the reason why I cosponsored a resolution opposing the creation of a VAT on top of our current tax system.  ‪

  "Washington needs to introduce ideas based on fiscal discipline, and not ones inspired by increased spending and debt for our children. New taxes, more spending and this majority’s failure to finalize a budget resolution is disastrous policy.  We need to act now, and your input at my town hall will be appreciated.  ‪

  "Another issue that is still fresh in our memories is health care; remember when the reform bills proponents said their proposal would reduce health care costs across the country?  Well that’s not the case
according to a recent report from the non-partisan Medicare Chief Actuary who reported that the new health care law will actually increase costs over the next decade by $311 billion.‪

  "Last week I told you about a new initiative called “YouCut,” that allows Americans to decide each week which one of five federal proposals should be cut to help Washington control its wasteful spending habits.  Last week over 280,000 Americans voted to cut a new $2.5 billion non-reformed welfare program that encourages states to increase their welfare participants without having to look for a new job or getting the training they may need to get back on their feet and off taxpayer funding. Unfortunately on Thursday this cut was voted down, but 7 Democrats did vote with all 168 Republicans to make this commonsense cut.  To let your voice be heard on the next round of wasteful programs visit‪ to
place your vote.

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