Saturday, November 20, 2010

McCarthy: America is at a crossroads. Time to turn away from big government and spending

 Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) brings us his weekly update from Capitol Hill. In his words:

 "This week, both Republicans and Democrats voted to elect their leaders for the next Congress starting in January.  I was nominated for the position of Majority Whip and was elected by my colleagues unanimously
on Wednesday.  I am humbled and honored to be selected to serve my colleagues.  I want to thank our community for allowing me to serve and trusting me with this opportunity.  I will make sure that our local values will be at the leadership table.  I will make sure that our local values will be at the leadership table.  The job of the Whip is to oversee the floor operations of the House, and my colleagues and I plan to advance common-sense policies that are designed to promote economic growth and job creation.  Also included in the new governing agenda from the Pledge to America will be bills that will restore accountability and transparency in government to ensure that your tax dollars are spent wisely, efficiently and effectively. 

 " I believe America is at a crossroads and we must make every effort to turn away from the path of record unemployment and increasing national debt to that of stability and growing prosperity.  "On January 1, 2011, all taxpaying Americans will experience a tax increase unless we stop it.  Tax increases on American families and small businesses is the last thing that is needed as our economy
struggles to rebound from economic turmoil.  American families do not need the amount of hard-earned money they take home to decreased, and American businesses should not be discouraged from investing in our economy and growing our workforce with taxes going up. Raising taxeswhile our economy is trying to recover is out of touch with the needs of the American people.

"With our national debt currently more than $13 trillion, I have long believed that Congress needs to make spending cuts before we adjourn this year.  Through the YouCut Program, proposals have been made to
cut more than $155 billion, including this week’s proposal to cut funding for National Public Radio.  Unfortunately, each measure has been defeated by Speaker Pelosi despite bipartisan support for our proposals.  Additionally, House Republicans have called for the ending of the practice of earmarks as another step to rein in spending—this week House and Senate Republicans took that step.  I hope the
President, who has called for earmark reform in the past, will encourage House and Senate Democrats to join us moving forward.

  "On Friday, I lead a bipartisan group of 41 members in sending a letter to the United States Forest Service urging the Agency to prioritize and protect robust and diverse access and recreation in the national forests as the Forest Service National Planning Rule is developed.  As someone who enjoys using public lands for recreation with my family, I know the importance of keeping our national forests accessible for
use.  The final Planning Rule is due out next year, and hopefully the Forest Service will ensure that the American people can fully enjoy their national forests."

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